Construction / Demolition Landfill Rates

Price Schedule

**EFFECTIVE February 1, 2018

Basic C&D material

Cubic yard are determined by box measurements on truck or trailer.
$5.90 cubic yard

C&D Pick-ups / Standard Bed

*Beds with built up sides and/or material over the bed sides of a standard truck will be charged at cubic yard rates.*
$23.39 flat rate

C&D Cars / Station Wagons

$13.01 flat rate

Mixed loads

(ie. C&D plus solid waste)
$20.21 cubic yard

Bulk items

(ie. tree stumps, railroad ties, large concrete)
$17.74 cubic yard

Single railroad ties

$4.14 each

Minimum charge

Recycling Solutions

**All pricing subject to change at any time and exclude fees and/or surcharges.


Clean dirt (random loads) will be charged by truck or by cubic yd.

Dirt mixed with debris / concrete, etc. will be charged yardage unless notified.
Large quantities will be charged for dozer time or by cubic yard.

Minimum dirt charge$15.00 per load
Asbestos $17.74 per cubic yard.
24 hour notice required for disposal.
Hours of acceptance 7 am - 4 pm Mon - Fri.

Items subject to an extra charge


Car tires (Off Rim) $6.50 each
Car tires (On Rim) $13.01 each
Truck tires (Off Rim)$13.01 each
Truck tires (On Rim)$26.02 each
Tractor tires depending on size$32.52 and up
Appliances / Water heater$26.02 each
Air Conditioners / Refrigerators / Freezers$52.03 each
Furniture / Mattresses / TV's$19.51 each
Carpet 9 x 12 $10.42 each
Microwave ovens$19.51 each
Truck Dig-outs$29.56


  • Rough and finished lumber or wood
  • Concrete
  • Brick and concrete block
  • Plaster, ceiling tiles
  • Glass and Window frames
  • Plumbing fixture piping
  • Roofing Material
  • Stone, soil and rock
  • Wiring and fixtures
  • Insulation
  • Stump, branches, logs, greater then 4″ in diameter (free of leaves)
  • Construction boxes (earth or material from construction, mining, or demolition operations substances which are not harmful to public health)


  • Furniture
  • Bedding
  • Auto parts
  • Sludge
  • Semi-solids
  • Garbage/bagged material
  • Paper
  • Combustive and non-combustive materials
  • Street sweepings
  • Industrial solid waste.

All company trucks entering our facility must have a Franklin County Board of Health sticker displayed on there vehicle, as per regulations. (For information, contact Board of Health at 614 462-3160)

We would like to remind all of our customers that this is a Construction and Demolition debris Landfill. We are forbidden to accept loads containing more then 10% of: Paper / cardboard, garbage / trash, paint cans, contaminated soils, auto parts, pallets, leaves / yard clippings or liquid of any type. We can accept, as a convenience, 1 or 2 items listed above as “extra charge items”, but loads full of these must be taken to Franklin County.

(Unsure if an item is acceptable? Please call our facility for questions).

Recycled concrete sold by ton – call for quote

Phone: 614 539-3722

Hours of Operation
Mon.-Fri. 7am. – 5pm.
Sat. 7am. – 12pm.