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2230 Brown Road.
Grove City, Oh 43123


614 539-3722


614 539-2590


Hours of Operation:

Mon.-Fri. 7am. – 5pm.
Sat. 7am. – 12pm.

All company trucks entering our facility must have a Franklin County Board of Health sticker displayed on there vehicle, as per regulations. (For information, contact Board of Health at 614 462-3160)

We would like to remind all of our customers that this is a Construction and Demolition debris Landfill. We are forbidden to accept loads containing more then 10% of: Paper / cardboard, garbage / trash, paint cans, contaminated soils, auto parts, pallets, leaves / yard clippings or liquid of any type. We can accept, as a convenience, 1 or 2 items listed above as “extra charge items”, but loads full of these must be taken to Franklin County.

(Unsure if an item is acceptable? Please call our facility for questions).